Right of Preference

The right of preference, gives priority to a public entity in the sale of a property, maintaining the same value and the same conditions agreed with another buyer.

What are the entities with the right of preference?

The public entities with the right of preference can be, the State and the Municipal Councils of The Municipality in the location where it is inserted.

The right of preference is mandatory throughout the Territory Portuguese, without this, it is not possible to make deed.

The order can be made online or face-to-face and has a cost of 15€ and is the responsibility of the promite seller. However it is very simple to request, just do it on the site www.casapronta.pt or you can go to the notary of Casa Pronta.

The absence of this document will be cancelled or you will have to reschedule. The order takes 10 business days.

We will prevent delays and request in advance.