About us

Brand name for Real Estate Mediation " ELLEVAR Properties"

ELLEVAR Properties is a brand that was born from the dream of expansion and an added value, not only for the Autonomous Region, but also for the entire National Territory.

Our Company will have comprehensive services that are very transversal to this real estate area, since we manage a very large portfolio of Clients and we want to give a quality service with excellence.

We have the following services that we offer to our customers:

- Sale and purchase of real estate 

-Real Estate Management (Small and long term rental and support services)

- Real Estate Investments

- Small Works and Project 

- Housing Credit


The service in real estate mediation, what we provide to our clients are:


  • Market Study Report ;

  • Home Staging;

  • Photographic and video reporting;

  • Marketing Plan;

  • Legal Follow-up;

  • Follow-up / follow-up of your Business Manager consultant


Our Employees will not only be Consultants, they will be Business Managers. All have training and are accompanied by a very well prepared Staff. 

Our offer is directed to the needs of our clients, domestic and foreign, in the purchase and sale of real estate, such as houses, land, apartments, or other types of properties for housing, rehabilitation or root construction.

We are waiting for you with a Team of Real Estate Professionals.

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